Postpartum Comfort Pads

These soothing pads do wonders for soreness and swelling after vaginal birth! Prepare 18-24 ahead of time; this is a great early labor project!

Overnight/Jumbo maxi pads
Witch hazel
Lavender oil
Aloe Vera gel (this is an edible liquid, not a topical ointment, and can be found in health food stores)
Aluminum foil

Unfold each pad, and pour a little witch hazel, aloe gel and 2-3 drops of lavender onto the surface. The pad should be damp, but not soaked. Wrap each pad in foil and store them in the freezer. Witch hazel and lavender are natural astringents, so they'll help reduce swelling, and the aloe and the cold are very soothing.