Great news for the women of Santa Fe!

An email from Julie Gorwoda, CNM and Director of Nurse-Midwifery Education at the University of New Mexico. This triumph should inspire all of you who live in areas without Nurse Midwifery care as an option in your hospitals to sharpen your pencils and write letters. Make some waves and help the women in your community to have access to safer, more personalized care.

"After 63 years of clinical nurse-midwifery presence in Santa Fe New Mexico, we are happy to announce that women in Santa Fe may soon have a CNM-attended BIRTH at St. Vincent's Hospital! The vote from the Medical Executive Committee today was groundbreaking and paves the way for full-scope nurse-midwifery care in this city, one of the last hospital-holdouts against CNM intrapartum care in New Mexico. 2008 UNM graduate Maria Theresa (Maite) Redondo-Cladera will be the first nurse-midwife at this facility after strong support from Ob/Gyn Dr. Cindi Lewis and Maite's FP employers at La Familia Medical Center, especially Dr. Gary Giblin. The three of them worked long and hard to make this a reality.

Catholic Maternity Institute was founded in 1945 in Santa Fe by CNMs who were also Medical Mission Sisters. It was one of the earliest midwifery services and also the first university-affiliated nurse-midwifery education program in the US. Midwifery leaders from CMI also incorporated the American College of Nurse-Midwives in Santa Fe in 1955 but CNMs were excluded from the only hospital in town until today. This victory for women and midwives could not have come without years of support from consumers and the midwifery community's education of thoughtful physicians.

If you know anyone on the Medical Executive Committee or St. V's administrators, please thank them and send your letters of congratulation to Maite at amniotic22@yahoo.com. Her years of intelligent, extremely capable nursing care of laboring mothers at St. Vincent's made her the logical first CNM choice for this hospital. And tell your sisters, cousins and friends from Santa Fe they don't have to go to Albuquerque or Las Alamos for a hospital birth anymore! Blessings to Laurie Holmes, CNM who attended women at home in Santa Fe for several decades and the other Santa Fe CNMs who kept the porch light on in the "City Different" for over 63 years.

Please pass on the good news!"


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